So many stories left unfinished…

Hello! My name is Tina and I am trying to make it as an author. I know that sounded like I was introducing myself to a group AA meeting or something like that LOL. I did that on purpose, believe it or not.

You see, I have an addiction, an addiction of beginning a story, but ultimately giving up on it and leaving it to spend months or even years in a folder on my computer until I finally go back, read it, and usually delete it or change it so much that it’s a completely different story.

I need help. I have tried many different things to solve my writer’s block. I’ve read articles online, gone through several books, gone to new places for inspiration, talked to friends and family about it…none of it worked for me.

So, I came up with my own way of solving my problem. I’ve noticed how open and honest people can be when they are talking to a stranger online or over the phone. That’s what I’ve been missing this whole time! Friends and family don’t want to hurt my feelings so I can’t get the criticism I really need.

I’m looking to my future followers to criticize my future story posts. Give me your honest opinions, ideas to make it better, and support me when I need it.

Let me make something very clear right off the bat. I am not looking for someone to point out punctuation or grammatical errors. I want the actual story to be read and know what you think of it or what direction it should go in.

My overall plan is to post at least once a week or whenever I get stuck. I can tell you that I have 12 stories I’ve started within the last six months that I haven’t made progress on. The most recent is one I began just two days ago.

I look forward to hearing from all of you out there!

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